Thank you!!

To all those who worked on, contributed to,
and supported my campaign. I could never have done this
without each and every one of you.

Particular thanks go to Daniel Tamm for bringing this campaign together – providing the creative ideas, training the organizers and maintaining the energy throughout. The campaign’s success is due to his efforts.

Cindy Faith was the energetic source generating all the electronic communications.

I owe the website to Bryce Kobrin, for developing and maintaining it with everything else he had going on this year.

Mia Bortolussi was the gifted talent creating all the graphics and printed materials.

Harrison Homel and Andre Ross were the major volunteer organizers and were the backbone of the campaign. Much of the campaign’s success is a direct result of their leadership and hard work.

Betsy Connolly, Michelle Kobrin, Peg DeRose, Teri Smolarski and Sophia Fischer all oversaw various aspects of the campaign, including numerous details that I couldn’t keep track of. Their support has kept me going. I'd also like to thank Shelley Berman for his special voter outreach and thank you Ganelle and Lindsay for your conscientious and consistent efforts in contacting voters.

But, most especially, thank you to each one of you who contributed in the varied and myriad ways that make a political campaign possible and keep it going. From writing letters to phone banking to providing funds, I couldn’t have done it without you. I am truly grateful for what each person did and the effort that she or he gave. Together we have done a great thing!

Thank you.